Latest News > 24 May 12 - LJMU granted a patent for new rapid forensic analysis software


LJMU has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trade Mark Office for novel software products for the rapid forensic analysis of computer hard drives.

The technology was developed by Dr John Haggerty (now at Salford University) and Dr David Llewellyn Jones, a research fellow working within the University's Network and Information Security Technology Lab within the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

The market for these products are their ability to reduce the
workload of police staff in investigations that involve analysis of seized computer equipment and imagery and reduction of time spent searching hard drives in the homes of offenders.

The identification of relevant evidence is a manual process and is both time-consuming and labour intensive. There are approximately 70 police agencies in the UK and it is estimated that across the UK’s police forces, 700 days per week are spent on the analysis of seized computer equipment at an estimated cost of over £1 million per month. The labour-intensive nature of the work often leads to backlogs within police computer forensic departments, delaying the completion of ongoing investigations.

The implementation of the patented technology could reduce the amount of time spent on the analysis of computer hard drives to as little of one hour per week per police agency, significantly increasing work load capacity whilst dramatically reducing costs; the demand therefore is perceived to be significant.

Emma Nolan, IP and Commercialisation Manager, said, "There are a number of products on the marketplace; however LJMU technology has particular advantages in the way it works. Our automated system can analyse the suspect’s machine (computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.) at speed and can be used to find files that may not be detected during manual searches. The technology is available for licensing and we are in discussions with a number of interested parties."

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