Welcome to a world of learning with our new CPD events for 2022

• Join us for an exciting year that will support your continuous professional development (CPD) as an investigator and help inform your work on the frontline

• Unlock your full potential as an investigator – whatever your rank or role

• Become an Investigator Champion and book a series of events to help shape 
and create your CPD activity for the year. Contact us for the best deal. 

Welcome to our latest brochure that sets out our programme of learning events for January-July 2022. Our aim is to work alongside you to support your ongoing continuous professional development to enable you to unlock your full potential as an investigator – whatever your rank, role, department or length of service. 

Our CPD learning events provide you with exclusive access to some of the top experts and practitioners from the world of criminal investigation as well as a forum for networking and debate that supports your work on the frontline.

Your role as an investigator is one of the most challenging roles in policing and one of the most rewarding and valuable to the Service and wider society. We are proud to support your efforts and to provide you with access to all the latest best practice and key learning that is accessible, competitively priced and is relevant to your every-day roles.
Our track record 
Now in its fourteenth year, The Investigator has staged more than 500 educational events relating to the investigation of major crime that has attracted positive feedback from our valued audience of law enforcement professionals. We have worked and partnered with leading experts in the field of law enforcement, academia and industry and we pride ourselves on serving you on the frontline. 

Most importantly, we have worked hard to develop positive relationships with forces, other law enforcement and government agencies as well as the wider public and private sector and we value your feedback and the direct interaction we have with you all. To put it simply, we love our jobs and we love working with you!

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