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The Barrister Briefings: Case Preparation, Court Room Skills, and the Police Complaints Process, led by barrister Nick Hawkins CPD workshop 11 October 2022


  • Latest in our Barrister Briefing series in which leading legal experts share best practice around key aspects of the investigation process.


  • This exclusive CPD event provides an essential guide to conducting a professional investigation which starts right from the outset through to case preparation, liaising with the prosecution team, giving evidence in court right through to facing any potential police complaint.


  • It is a must attend for investigators of all ranks and roles, from DC to SIO, who want to ensure they conduct professional and ethical investigations that can withstand scrutiny and any potential challenges.


  • It will be led by serving barrister Nick Hawkins, who will share his unique experience working at the highest level of the criminal justice system for 25 years.


  • Nick has previously worked as a Chief Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as well as serving as a former Chief Operating Officer for the former Independent Police Complaints Commission. He is also currently a legally qualified chair of police misconduct hearings.


  • Held online via Teams


  • Certificates of attendance are available


Join us for this unique event which looks at best practice around three key aspects of the criminal investigation process – case preparation, court rooms skills and police complaints.

Leading barrister Nick Hawkins will address the current pressures and demands that are now placed on investigators and provide practical advice on how to address these demands and pressures to conduct a professional investigation.

It comes at a time when scrutiny around police conduct, and accountability of investigators is at an all-time high. This scrutiny presents challenges and pressures on individual investigators and investigation teams that can have a personal and professional impact on lives and careers.

Nick will provide exclusive input and advice, illustrated through real-life case studies around the following:

Session One: Case Preparation: How to prepare your case file to ensure it meets the evidential test. A look at the Code for Crown Prosecutors and the key factors prosecutors use to make charging decisions.

Advice on the key aspects that make a strong case as well as common mistakes investigators make and how to address them. A look at common misconceptions about the prosecution process and advice on how investigators can establish positive relationships with the prosecution team to ensure a positive outcome.

Session Two: Court Room Skills: Practical advice on how to present the strongest evidence in court that is professional and compelling and can withstand defence challenges and questioning. We’ll look at potential problems and pitfalls and how they can be addressed. Nick will outline the importance for investigators of addressing court room considerations right from the outset of the investigation and anticipate any issues at the earliest opportunity.

Session Three: The Police Complaints Process: A consideration of the importance of conducting ethical investigations and advice on how investigators can ensure their conduct is always professional. We’ll provide an outline of the police complaints process and provide advice on how investigators can engage positively with the process.


Meet our barrister Nick Hawkins

The day will provide delegates with the opportunity to engage with leading barrister Nick Hawkins, who

has prosecuted some of the most high-profile cases during his illustrious career. He currently provides

specialist advocacy and advisory services at Normanton Chambers as well as travelling the world

conducting training and consultancy.

Nick was also the Chief Crown Prosecutor for Hampshire Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and he was

also responsible for transforming the CPS Direct Service to a 24-hour service that provides investigators

with round-the-clock charging decisions on priority cases.

Nick was also a previous Chief Operating Officer at the former Independent Police Complaints Commission

and Chief Executive of the Legal Ombudsman. He is also currently a legally qualified chair of police

misconduct hearings.


Cost: £199.00 + VAT (GBP) per delegate (LEA and Government Agency rate).  £295 + VAT Industry rate

Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address(es) and purchase order (made out to The Investigator) to or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information. 


Under no circumstances will a delegate be able to register using a free webmail address (ie: gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL etc) but you can use one to login into Teams once your work email has been verified.

Payment can be made by PayPal/debit/credit card (corporate card fees apply + 3%). 

The meeting link will be sent out 7 days before the event.

Terms and conditions

NB: the price quoted is for one delegate to view the event live at the time of transmission. We do not provide copies of the recording to be viewed at a later date as our events are not open access events and we hold the copyright.  Reproduction without prior consent is strictly prohibited.

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