Chartered Institute of Information Security to deliver Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals (ICDIP) Certification Scheme


The Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) has been awarded the contract to deliver the Institute of Cyber

Digital Investigation Professionals (ICDIP) Certification Scheme from April 2021.

The ICDIP scheme was first launched by the College of Policing four years ago with Home Office funding. Now that

funding has ceased, the contract has been awarded to the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

The ICDIP certification scheme is a competency-based assessment that enabled investigators to take part in a structured

programme of professional development. It is based on role and not rank and includes the role of investigator,

intelligence, interviewer, analyst and forensic.


All individuals that are successfully accredited through the ICDIP certification will receive CIISec membership and access

to the full benefits package including the use of industry recognised post-nominals, access to webinars and cyber

security resources.

It will be headed by Amanda Finch as CEO. She has had 30 years’ experience in information and cybersecurity and over

15 years of experience working with professional bodies including the Information Security Forum (ISF) and the BCS. Has

led CIISec since 2011 and within this time has helped it to gain the Royal Charter.

The Project officer will be Keith Lumley, a former police officer and the designer of the ICDIP skills and standards framework

(SSF) and assessment process.


He will provide support in all aspects of the scheme from the application, assessing, interviewing to the accrediting cyber digital

investigation professionals.

Keith Lumley

Amanda Finch

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