Software on Trial

Official trials begin next month of new investigation software that aims to provide SIOs with key digital data in the absence of analysts.

A team of 60 investigators working in a variety of major crime roles in one force will be the first to trial the Chorus Investigator product that provides a central repository for investigators to view digital data in a more timely and efficient manner.

Other forces are now being invited to follow and further trials will be announced shortly.

Chorus Investigator is a software dashboard that enables officers to drag and drop data into one place which

will then enable them to identify keys lines of inquiry.

It allows for large quantities of data from billing records, ANPR cameras and handset downloads to be

analysed by the SIO throughout an investigation.

It will enable investigators to see the ‘who, what, where and when’ of a case in a few clicks of a button.

The product was developed out of the recognition that SIOs want to take a more hands-on approach to the

analysis of digital data due to the growing importance that the digital strategy now plays in all investigations.

It can be used in the absence of an analyst and will flag up news lines of inquiry that can be picked up by

analysts at a later date.

The first trial will run for at least six months and will help inform future development of the product and test how the new software could become a routine part of the investigation process.

Richard Helson, Customer Relationship Director at Chorus Intelligence explained that the software was developed in consultation with analysts and wasn’t designed to replace the expertise of the analyst but instead was aimed at complimenting their work.

“Investigators can be confident that the software has the blessing of the analysts,” he said.

“We’re pleased to say that in the GMP trial, that the analysts have been an integral part in setting it up and they will be helping us to review the results.”

He explained that the product could save valuable time for all those involved in the investigation process.

“We know that time is critical in the early stages of an investigation and with Chorus investigator we have given this time back to the SIOs and other intelligence officers,” he said.

“It’s intuitive to use and will give new lines of inquiry for analysts and researchers to explore further or generate custom reports in a matter of seconds.”

He explained that the software was easy to use and requires minimal training, Chorus is offering the product on a trial basis to a select number of forces and are also speaking and exhibiting at the Investigator’s SIOs and Digital Investigation conference and exhibition on January 30.

Anyone who is interested in a demonstration or a free trial can visit the Chorus team on stand 12 during the event.

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Richard Helson

Customer Relation Director