Launch of Dark Web technology showcase online workshop

The Investigator is joining together with leading experts behind the ‘Hunter’ and ‘Analyzer’ products to bring you this one-day workshop that will features a series of demonstrations and discussions to explain how the technology can enhance your dark web investigations.

It will be held online on December 1 from 10.30am till 1.30pm and is free to attend for serving investigators.

There will also be the opportunity for a discussion around the current challenges and opportunities of investigating crimes on the Dark Web.

The products have been pioneered by an identity intelligence company empowering analysts, security researchers and investigators with capabilities to uncover criminals and disrupt cyber-attacks.


Hunter and Analyzer

‘Hunter’ is an easy to use SaaS application that can help uncover criminal activity, accelerate investigations and unmask cyber criminals.

If you are conducting complex crime investigations on the Dark Web you know how difficult it can be to identify threat actors due to the anonymity that the Dark Web affords them. They often use false information such as names, anonymity tools and other evasive tactics that can prove challenging to your investigation.

‘Hunter’ provides context to threat actors, revealing their identities, cohorts and criminal rings.

‘Analyzer’ – insert one or two paragraphs here that explains in simple terms what it does.


Discussion and best practice

The day will also provide you with the opportunity to debate current challenges and opportunities around investigating crimes on the Dark Web with our experts, who have between them had xxx years’ experience in the field.

You can also share your own experiences and investigation challenges with our experts and other delegates in a safe and secure environment.


10.30am-10.40am: Welcome and introduction, Carol Jenkins, The Investigator

10.40am-11.20am: Session One: Dark Web: Switching on the Lights - challenges, approaches and company background

11.20am-11.30am: Questions and discussion 

11.30am-12.10pm: Session Two: Demo of 'Hunter' investigations platform

12.20pm-1.10pm: Session Three: Demo of 'Analyzer' digital conversations platform

1.20pm-1.30pm: Final remarks, workshop closes


Register your interest today! You can register your interest by clicking HERE

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