Discussing Disclosure

Director of Public Prosecution calls for more joint working around disclosure


Alison Saunders recently brought together key figures from across the criminal justice system

to discuss how to improve the disclosure process.

The seminar included representatives from the senior judiciary, police and legal professions.

Mrs Saunders described disclosure as a ‘vital matter which we take very seriously, but it is

clear that there are systemic issues across the entire criminal justice system.’

“That is why I have convened this seminar – so we can agree how we will work together to

ensure we get this important area right,” she said.

Mrs Saunders said it was important to consider what role each of the agencies – police,

prosecutors and judiciary – should play in disclosure and immediate action they can take.

“What we need to do is discuss whether any changes to systems, legislation or guidance

might help address the issues we face.”

The seminar looked at topics such as how technology might be able to help the disclosure process, particularly given the growth in unused digital material.


“We all have a duty to all involved to get disclosure right,” said Mrs Saunders.

“The CPS has put a number of measures in place over the past few months to ensure this happens but there is more to be done by all parts of the criminal justice system.”

Alison Saunders