Europol warning on illicit sale of false negative Covid-19 test certificates


Criminals are capitalising on the current pandemic by producing and selling fake COVID-19 test certificates, warns a Europol Early Warning Notification.


Europol said several cases have already emerged of fraudulent COVID-19 test certificates being sold to travellers. They include: a forgery ring selling negative test results to passengers was dismantled at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France; in the UK, fraudsters were caught selling bogus COVID-19 documents for GBP 100 and in December 2020, a fraudster was apprehended by the Spanish National Police for selling fake test results for EUR 40.

Given the widespread technological means available, in the form of high-quality printers and different software, fraudsters are able to produce high-quality counterfeit, forged or fake documents.

The 27 Member States have been encouraged to share any relevant information on criminal activities related to fake COVID-19 test documentation with Europol.

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