Forensic Analytics launches new function within CSAS called CellSight


Forensic Analytics has launched a new function to its CSAS Radio Frequency capability called CellSight which it says will enable fast tactical decision-making based open-source RF data.

Announcing the new development this week, the company explained that CellSight facilitates seamless access to fast (in under 90 seconds), accurate, cell coverage data through near real time open-source data. The data is displayed on a map in CSAS just by searching on a Cell ID.

CellSight offers an online “desktop survey” service that transforms the ability to visualise the coverage area of a cell through access to crowd sourced data.


CellSight anonymously captures the precise geo-location of a mobile device when it is connected to a cell.

Instant access

This means that you can get instant access to the general coverage area of a cell irrespective of where that cell is in the UK. By collecting and collating millions of readings from partner apps, CellSight builds a polygon-based coverage map of a cell.

This service is designed to assist law enforcement agencies when there is a threat to life, to assist with covert surveillance, or indeed where knowledge of prospective cell coverage assists any investigation.

CellSight costs £20,000.00 as a CSAS integration per annum and can be deployed to multiple users across a force.


Who would benefit from the use of this enhancement?

  • Threat to life teams

  • Control room/force hubs

  • Analysts who need access to RF data

  • Telecoms SPoCs

  • Investigators

  • RF Surveyors


CellSight will be available through user licences in multiples of 5 as an add on module to CSAS. These five licences can be “anywhere” in force, so it is possible to share the additional cost of CellSight across departments and budget holders. This will give users unlimited access to Cell Sight Intelligence within the bounds of our generous fair use policy.


How does CellSight work?

CellSight is RF (Radio Frequency) data, but from third party apps. CellSight is therefore “intelligence only” - its value is that it shows where mobile devices were actually located when a cell of interest was utilised – perfect for the purposes of a threat to life scenario.

 The user will see the blue cloud (the colour and opacity can be customised) which is easy for teams on the ground to understand and respond to.


CellSight Output Example

O2 cell ID 12345 and cell ID 45687 were used 7 minutes ago by the target phone. This is where CellSight has measured that cell in the past. This is a starting point of how to formulate your search strategy – consider despatching units to this area. Do you have intelligence relating to addresses of interest to this enquiry/subject that may be in or around this area?



Why should forces consider CellSight?

CellSight is simple to use.  All a user has to do is paste text into a search bar and press go. Results are returned within 90 seconds.

CellSight is already a proven.  Whilst under evaluation in the East Midlands the saving of at least 4 lives was directly attributed to CellSight. There is a no training required to use the service – just a knowledge of a cell ID which is of interest.

CellSight is a solution that sees beyond force boundaries.  In two of the four cases in Nottinghamshire, the target phone and its user were located outside of the force area – and consequently in places the in-force RF team had not measured (one at St Pancras, London and one in the Peak District). Cell Sight was pivotal in these happy outcomes and the service offers coverage across the UK.

We have undertaken extensive validation work on the crowd-sourced data, and we are confident that it is reliable, but any cell coverage data released as part of this service is provided on an ‘intel only’ basis.


When can customers view CellSight in action?

Evaluations of the CellSight integration in CSAS can be viewed from January 2021.  Please contact your account manager to arrange a demonstration.

Contact us

Forensic Analytics, Pixmore Centre, Pixmore Avenue, Letchworth, Hertfordshire SG6 1JG

Tel: +44800 158 3830



See CellSight in action!

Forensic Analytics will be giving a demonstration and full presentation on CellSight at our free online Digital Investigation Workshop on January 28.


To sign up for your free place email Dale at

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