GeoTime helps Leicestershire Police secure death by dangerous driving conviction

Leicestershire Police investigators used GeoTime® the geospatial analysis software to help

create a powerful visual picture of a suspect’s movement to prove he was the culprit of a hit

and run which killed an 18-year-old student.

The investigation team used GeoTime to help prove that Jagdip Dhesi was the driver of a

Mercedes that mowed into Leicester University student Paul Radcliffe in January last year.

At the time Dhesi, fled the scene and denied that he was involved, initially pleading not guilty

to the crime.

Police revealed he fled the scene as he had exceeded the drink/driving limit and did not want

them to detect he had consumed too much alcohol.

However, a joint investigation by Leicestershire Police Serious Collision Investigation Unit

and digital media investigators was able to prove that Dhesi was the driver of the car that

killed Mr Radcliffe.

GeoTime was pivotal to their efforts as it helped them pull together communications data including vehicle telematics data, mobile device data and CCTV and produce a visual analysis of Dhesi’s movements. They were also able to prove that Dhesi had driven to the home of a friend prior to the accident and that she was a passenger in the car when the crime took place.

Data from the vehicle was extracted, visualised and analysed in GeoTime and was used to help Senior Investigating Officers to visualise the journey Dhesi had taken and the circumstances leading up to and following the crime.  It was also used to present a powerful visual timeline of events in court.

When he was confronted with the evidence, Dhesi then decided to enter a guilty plea before the trial began at Leicester Crown Court.

He admitted causing death by dangerous driving and was jailed for four years and eight months. He was also banned from driving for six years and four months.

Duanne Watkins, Director of JTOL said he was ‘delighted’ that his software had played such as integral part of the investigation and was pleased to have worked successfully as part of the investigation.

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Paul Radcliffe died in the collision

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