Translate your experience into a degree with our BA (Hons) Applied Investigation course

Translate your experience into a degree with our BA (Hons) Applied Investigation course. This is the only course in the UK to provide a university degree in Applied Investigation for those who can demonstrate competence at PIP Level 1, 2 or equivalent. This course is available from both our London Campus (Jan 18) and our Sunderland Campus (Feb & Oct 18). Learning from our Programme lead Gary Shaw MBE you’ll explore the changing nature of the policing environment and examine the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required in order to adapt and respond to these changes.

With 6 contact days at the university you’ll critically reflect on your skills and knowledge of workplace learning, and research a specific topic of operational practice that is relevant to your workplace and which is of national significance.
•    This is the only course of its type in the country
•    Running from our London or Sunderland campuses
•    Earn a BA (Hons) Degree in only 6 contact days
•    You can choose the direction of your study on this highly flexible course
•    Develop as a critical and reflective practitioner in the field of investigation
•    Provides an academic base in the practical setting of work based activity
•    Allows the sharing of best practice in a highly specialised field
•    You’ll engage in a variety of teaching and learning methods including lectures, workshops and self-study. Your progress will be assessed via an essay, research proposal and project.


The course contact dates for London Campus are:
29th and 30th January 2018
28th February and 1st March 2018
27th and 28th June 2018

The course contact dates for Sunderland Campus are:
7th and 8th February 2018
12th and 13th March 2018
11th and 12th July 2018

3rd and 4th October 2018
7th and 8th November 2018
13th and 14th March 2019

Why study on the programme?
The programme aims to strike a balance between theory and application relevant to your work role and can be applied to a number of roles within the investigative framework.

You will identify your own development needs and will be supported through a process of self-awareness and critical reflection. The skills developed will be fed into a large individually negotiated work-based project.

What is the programme content?
This is an intensive programme that comprises of modules specifically designed to enhance skills in Applied Investigation and develop critical thinking and heightened self-awareness.

You will critically evaluate a contemporary issue in your professional environment, and the result of your work will be robust and evidence-based recommendations. The concept of this course was developed with senior police officers and members of NPCC.

Can I apply and what qualification will I gain?
Applications must demonstrate competence in, or significant knowledge of, the investigation of serious and complex crime (PIP level 1 or equivalent – entry into year 2, PIP level 2 or equivalent – entry into year 3). All applications will be subject to approval by our professional and academic leads to ensure relevance.

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