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The National Crime Agency (NCA) is recruiting for:


Online Covert Tactical Advisor:


Intelligence Officer:

within the National Covert Internet Investigation Team (NCIT).


Vacancies are now live on NCA’s website so if you have the skills and qualifications required to fulfil this role - we would like to hear from you!


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Applications will close Monday 22 November 2021.


A day in the life of an NCIT Officer

NCIT recently targeted a clear website which was hosting child sex abuse imagery. Accounts posting these images were selected and their accounts were assessed and documented for possible evidential use. An investigation was conducted on each profile to identify the user and safeguard any children depicted. This involved an open source investigation, liaising with foreign law enforcement and Undercover Online officers, and dark web investigations.


An NCIT officer described their successful pursuit of one site user:

“My area of work required advanced open source training, which was essential for me to dig into the users we had uncovered: for one offender, I was able to determine where he lived, that he had a wife, and what job he had.”


The officer’s ability to track the offender throughout the internet paid off. The offender was tracked to a real world identity residing overseas, an offender known to the authorities who unfortunately had insufficient existing evidence to open a case against him. The intelligence provided by NCIT directly led to his arrest. During the interview he made admissions of contact abuse and his step daughter was safeguarded.


“I was able to locate him and get a result. The operation is still on-going, but I already feel as though I have been able to have an impact.”


How the team tackles Serious and Organised Crime


The National Covert Internet Investigation Team (NCIT) was created in 2019 to tackle an increasing threat to children stemming from online CSA offenders and aims to proactively targeting the highest harm offenders and safeguarding victims.


In its initial two years NCIT has already carried out diverse and successful operations, from assessing the security of websites to identifying individual online offenders and victims.


The team is qualified in Covert Internet Investigation (CII) allowing it to serve as a bridge between Undercover Online (UCOL) and traditional intelligence collection, proactively pursuing suspects across the dark and clear web. CII combines the flexibility and speed of open source investigations with a robust legal framework allowing NCIT to work creatively, at pace, and in pursuit of the criminals.


If you have an interest in being part of this team, visit our website and apply for our current vacancies to help us make a difference and tackle serious and organised crime.