Operation Modify

An Innovative new initiative by the Digital Intelligence and Investigation Team at the College of Policing aims to help investigators improve their digital thinking.


Digital technology surrounds us in every area of our daily lives. Think about the number of digital devices in your home or office. Smartphones, tablets, baby monitors, games consoles, Alexa devices. The possibilities to fill our lives with smart technology are endless – so how does that affect frontline policing?

That’s the question that the College of Policing asked all 43 forces in England and Wales. The unanimous answer was that we need more knowledge about this equipment and about the investigative opportunities that it can provide us with.

Based on research from over 120 subject matter experts from policing, as well as feedback from frontline officers and force Learning and Development teams, the College developed Operation Modify based on the identified needs of modern policing. 


A complete box set of the unique interactive learning experience Operation Modify is now available on the new College Learn platform. This replaced the Managed Learning Environment (MLE, previously NCALT).

All police officers, staff and volunteers with an existing MLE account can access College Learn by visiting: www.learn.college.police.uk

‘Operation Modify: Improving digital thinking’ is an interactive learning package that provides practical skills to help all frontline officers and staff recognise and utilise digital opportunities during investigations. It can be used as part of officer development and as part of the police curriculum.


Although the learning is the same as the original episodes release, this single learning package repeats and reiterates learning through the episodes. Learners progress through the box set from episode one to episode 10 sequentially, increasing the overall user experience.

Information is spread out and revisited often to strengthen the participant’s learning curve and promote knowledge retention, an approach known as spaced learning. In order to address the knowledge gap, all 10 episodes must be completed. 


The engaging and interactive nature of the learning is proving popular, with over 11,750 current learners in the programme from all 43 forces. 100 per cent of the user focus group said that they would recommend Operation Modify to colleagues. Officer confidence also increased by an average of 19 per cent for all ten DII subject areas covered by Operation Modify.


This unique, enjoyable and innovative learning package brings digital investigation skills to the front line, to ensure that all police officers and staff have the ability, knowledge and confidence to operate in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The learning outcomes of Operation Modify map directly onto the digital elements of the PEQF and it can be used as supporting material for PCDA, PIP 1 and Fast Track Entry. It is a suitable next step after completion of the Digital Foundation 1 programme and as preparation for the upcoming Digital Foundation 2 programme.


Product themes

1. Digital Media: Internet of Things

2. Digital Scene Management

3. Core Digital Data Collection

4. CCTV and ANPR

5. Core Digital Data Collation and Interpretation

6. Digital Forensics

7. MISPER Support

8. Online Fraud

9. Internet, Intelligence and Investigation

10. Digital Victims and Witness Support


Additional Information

Registration to the Knowledge Hub (and joining the DII group) is necessary to view the additional learning resources.  As well as improving your user experience while using this product, this will also give you access to – and updates on – new knowledge products released on the DII group.

The individual ‘episode’ Operation Modify format will still be available for those who have started their learning. All new learners will only be able to access the box-set.

The learning resources are also available via the soon to be updated CyberDigiTools app, pre-installed on Android force-issued devices.

Users with accessibility requirements should launch the accessible version of the programme.

Where possible, users should wear headphones or have sound enabled for the verdict animation.