Frontline investigators asked for views to inform new College of Policing guidelines

The College of Policing is developing new guidelines based on evidence from research and the experiences of officers and staff at all stages of an investigation.

It wants to hear from police officers, staff and volunteers who are first responders, to ensure the guidelines are based on the most up-to-date and relevant evidence.


Its investigation guidelines practice evidence survey is aimed at first responders who conduct initial investigations or are involved in the follow-up investigation process. By sharing experiences, investigators will contribute to building the evidence base for policing and help ensure the guidelines support forces in the most effective way possible.


The scope of the guidelines sets out the focus and approach to their development, The scope was subject to consultation with stakeholders, practitioners and the public, and was agreed upon by an independently chaired committee.

This work will further support forces to improve investigative practice. The final guidelines can be used alongside resources on disclosure, learning on digital intelligence and investigation, guidelines on taking initial accounts from victims and witnesses and guidelines for effective supervision which is due for publication this month.

To become involved email: investigation.guidelines@college.pnn.police.uk