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ON-SCENE TRIAGE of digital devices: golden rules, best practice, and challenges, CPD workshop - 6 October 2022


  • An exclusive workshop which provides a step-by-step guide to the triaging of digital devices to deal effectively with huge volumes of data and maximise digital intelligence opportunities


  • A must attend for investigators and analysts working in a digital intelligence, forensics, or cyber role who want to use triage principles and techniques to help them decide the ‘investigative worth’ of a digital device


  • The day will provide delegates with the theory around how to triage digital devices and includes an invaluable checklist to help demonstrate and support your decision making.


  • It will also consider those processes involved with identifying and evaluating investigative opportunities at-scene


  • Held online via Teams


  • Certificates of CPD available


The Investigator is teaming up with University of Cranfield to host this exciting one day workshop that will consider the important role that the triaging of digital devices plays in helping investigators manage the huge volumes of digital evidence that are present at all crime scenes.

Basic triage plays an invaluable part in helping decide the ‘investigative worth’ of a digital device and aid decision making as to whether it should be seized and further examined for evidence.

The day will also consider the possible pitfalls and common mistakes and how to manage them as well as looking at scenarios when not to use triage.

It will also provide guidance around how to develop your understanding of the digital investigative opportunities at a scene and look at where they are located.

We will consider the types of digital devices that can be present at a crime scene; the data you can exploit that could be used as valuable evidence in an investigation as well as the basic principles around device collection, handling, and device preview procedures.


The day will also include the following best practice:

  • The importance of being prepared for your digital scene - ‘developing a digital scene strategy’

  • Assessing goals, aims, and limitations of the investigation.

  • Other evidence types at the scene: - considerations of biological trace evidence on digital devices and handling.

  • Techniques for triage - hashing, keywords, ‘interesting files and locations’.

  • Approaching device triage investigations using forensic tools. 


Meet our expert Dr Graeme Horsman

This exclusive event will be led by Dr Graeme Horsman, the Senior Lecturer in Digital Forensics at

Cranfield University. He also edits the prestigious journal ‘Forensic Science International: reports’ and

regularly speaks at conferences and events.

Graeme collaborates with police forces on digital investigation projects and like The Investigator he is

passionate about bridging the gap between academia and the frontline and providing all the latest best

practice advice and guidance in the fast-paced world of digital investigation.

He is also a regular speaker at our digital investigation events, and we are delighted to be teaming up

with Graeme again for this exclusive course.

There will also be the opportunity to find out more about a brand-new Digital Forensics MSc qualification being launched at Cranfield University that is aimed at digital investigators working in an operational role.


Cost: £195.00 + VAT (GBP) per delegate (LEA + Government agencies Industry rate: £295 + VAT

Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address(es) and purchase order (made out to The Investigator) to booking@the-investigator.co.uk or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information. 


Under no circumstances will a delegate be able to register using a free webmail address (ie: gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL etc) but you can use one to login into Teams once your work email has been verified.

Payment can be made by PayPal/debit/credit card (corporate card fees apply + 3%). 

The meeting link will be sent out 7 days before the event.

Terms and conditions

NB: the price quoted is for one delegate to view the event live at the time of transmission. We do not provide copies of the recording to be viewed at a later date as our events are not open access events and we hold the copyright.  Reproduction without prior consent is strictly prohibited.

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