Online training via Teams

Dark Web Investigations 

Authorship Analysis Techniques Online Training Workshop 

2 July 2020 (10am-4pm BST)

• Joint training conducted LIVE on Microsoft Teams from experts from the USA and UK

• A one-day event aimed at dark web investigators and other cyber investigators from across the world who are proficient at working on the dark web and who want to broaden their practical skills






















Join the Investigator for this exclusive dark web training event run by: Amanda Towler from world-leading dark web experts Hyperion Gray LIVE from the USA alongside Professor Jack Grieve, Corpus Linguistics expert from the University of Birmingham LIVE from the UK.

The training will provide a look at

how authorship and identity

analysis techniques can help de-anonymise criminals operating on the dark web. 

It will review the current state of the art in computational and forensic linguistic analysis, in particular where and how these techniques are being applied in the field. 

These techniques can be used to infer characteristics about an anonymous author, such as age, gender, native language, pattern of life, and personality traits. 

Attendees will walk through hands-on exercises to apply these analytics to real data from the dark web, to gain a better understanding of the inputs, the outputs, the limitations and the opportunities of using authorship analysis as part of an investigation. 

Question and answer session/discussion: The day will also feature a dedicated question and answer/discussion session to enable delegates to ask questions about current investigations and share operational best practice with investigators from across the world. 

COST: £249 + VAT per person. 
Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address and purchase order to or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information. 

Investigating Cyber Dependant Crime/Cyber Hacking

Teams training workshop with leading ethical

hacker and bug bounty hunter Tom Hudson

25 June 2020 (12pm - 4pm BST)

PLUS: optional best practice discussion from 4pm till 4.40pm where you can connect with investigators and professionals from across the world and share challenges and best practice.

The Investigator is teaming up

with international bug bounty

hunter, ethical hacker and

cybercrime trainer Tom ‘Nom

Nom’ Hudson to host this

exclusive CPD training workshop

delivered via Teams.

It is aimed at operational

investigators from across the

world including: cyber crime

investigators, digital media

investigators, analysts, major crime investigators and industry professionals.

The workshop will provide you with all the latest best practice, challenges and trends designed to enhance your operational knowledge and understanding of this ever-evolving area.

This is the latest in the series of operational workshops being hosted by the Investigator that is specifically designed to help support investigators and their on-going learning. We have now run more than 350 events attended by investigators from the UK and across the world.

Everyone who attends via Teams will receive a certificate of attendance to support your ongoing Continuous Professional Development.

Our expert speaker/trainer

We are delighted to welcome Tom, who is one of the most engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable experts that we have worked with.

Tom has built up an enviable reputation as a leading international bug bounty hunter and ethical hacker. He tours the world taking part in high-profile competitions hosted by major international companies to find vulnerabilities in their systems which they can then patch. The companies offer large sums of money called bug bounties to the winner.

Tom recently won a competition hosted by UBER to find vulnerabilities in their system. He fended off competition from hackers/bug bounty hunters from across the world to be declared the winner.

Tom also works full-time as a security researcher in the North of England and is an expert around latest trends and developments in the cyber world.

The workshop will cover:
• The role of ethical hackers and how they can inform cyber crime investigations
• Who are bug bounty hunters and how can they help companies detect vulnerabilities in their systems? The life of a bug bounty hunter.
• Current nature of targeted threats and how hackers use social profiling to carry out these targeted attacks
• Advanced Phishing Techniques – current trends, challenges, best practice, debunking common myths
• Common attacks using social media, website and SMS messages and how to investigate them. How hackers exploit mobile applications
• An insight into current threat actors in cyber space, their motivation, Modus Operandi and how to mitigate the threat
• Predictions about the nature of future threats and how cyber hacking will develop in the coming years.
• Current Challenges related to Covid-19.

COST: £199 + VAT per person. 
Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address and purchase order to or telephone 0844 660 8707 for further information. 

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