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Operation Venetic brings haulage boss to justice over international trafficking conspiracy

The National Crime Agency (NCA) continues to target organised criminals as part of its successful operation called Venetic.


The latest success includes the conviction of a haulage firm owner who used the encrypted messaging platform

EncroChat to lead a criminal network which moved drugs and dirty cash across Europe has been convicted.


Thomas Maher, 39, of Wiltshire Close, Warrington, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court last month where he

pleaded guilty to two charges relating to importing Class A drugs into the UK and two charges of money laundering.


The NCA moved in to arrest Maher following evidence acquired through EncroChat – the encrypted messaging

platform that was brought down in June as part of Operation Venetic.


NCA Deputy Director Craig Naylor said that Maher was the logistics man for a number of crime groups and played

a key role in an important criminal infrastructure.


‘He was able to use his contacts and his business to facilitate large amounts of class A drugs to enter the UK and

Ireland, with little thought to the damage they inflict on people and communities,’ he explained.


‘Going the other way he was able to ship large amounts of cash, after taking a cut himself, which no doubt was

used to fund further criminal activity.


“Put simply, organised crime groups can’t function without people like Maher. Operation Venetic has halted thousands of criminal conspiracies and led to the arrests of hundreds of suspects. Thomas Maher was undoubtedly one of the most significant.’


Officers from the NCA monitored Maher’s movements over a seven-month period during which he met with associates at hotels and in public spaces in the North West to organise the trafficking of cocaine from Holland to the UK and Ireland. 


Encrochat messages obtained by the NCA through Operation Venetic showed that in April 2020 he orchestrated the collection and delivery of at least 21 kilos of cocaine from locations in the Netherlands. Associates reported back to Maher as the drugs were picked up, transported and arrived at their final destination in Ireland. 


On 2 April an exchange took place at a garage in Lierop, Netherlands, where 11 kilos of cocaine was passed between two vehicles.


Two days later, the arrival of the drugs by way of Dunkirk to Dover and eventually Donabate, near Dublin was confirmed. Messages showed that Maher had discussed splitting the profit with one of his group. 

In another job, Maher made arrangements for ten kilos of cocaine to be collected from an area near De Strubben in the Netherlands and again delivered to the outskirts of Dublin, which netted further profits.


As well as drugs Maher also helped to facilitate the movement of large sums of cash. One charge relates to arranging for 305,000 euros to be transported from Ireland to Holland on behalf of one of his associates, whom he charged a commission for his involvement.

Thomas Maher

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