To raise money for the charity RoadPeace during road safety week in

May I am running 200km starting at the first ever UK fatal collision and

ending at the National Memorial Arboretum. Any donation ‘you can afford’

via link below is amazing. Thank you!!


Sadly many people die in collisions on our roads. Lives taken in an instance and

bereaved families and friends left devastated by their loss. I have seen this

devastation firsthand and have also seen the amazing work RoadPeace do to support

seriously injured people and bereaved families, helping them come to terms with their

loss, supporting them through such a terrible experience both in the short and longer

term. RoadPeace also play a key role in advocating for road safety change and in

doing so seeking improvements across the system to both help prevent serious and fatal collisions but also to improve the experience and processes for those who sadly have been effected.

Therefore I am running 200km over a period of 10 days which includes global road safety week (17th - 23rd May). Starting at the location of the first ever fatal road collision in the UK and ending in a site established as a RoadPeace location (National Memorial Arboretum)’ a place which is symbolic and provides comfort for bereaved families.

Like many charities the pandemic has impacted upon RoadPeace as there has been less fundraising events and this has left them financially challenged. Therefore any donations you are financially able to afford would be hugely appreciated and will be of great benefit.

Thank you for reading and supporting!

Detective Chief Superintendent

Andy Cox, Lincolnshire Police

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