New software uses artificial intelligence

to investigate human trafficking cases

Investigators can now search multiple hard-to-access online sources to detect human trafficking activity using cutting-edge new software.


The TellFinder software uses artificial intelligence to search thousands of hours of content to both identify victims and criminal networks on the deep web. As the deep web is a hidden area of the internet that is not indexed by standard search engines, it proves challenging for investigators to access.


Using the TellFinder software can help investigators identify patterns across postings from review forums, discussion boards and advertisements that they would usually find difficult or impossible to access. It is trained to decipher so called ‘messy data’ such as phone numbers and aliases giving investigators the ability to search across hundreds of sites.


Users can explore data in their jurisdiction, look for trends and anomalies and monitor the volume of ads posted over time as well as the most popular websites for posting and the most popular content such as posted contacted information.


Investigators can employ one or all of 39 filters to expand or refine their search by attributes such as location, time, keywords, source and images.


The software is currently available for free to investigators HERE and is provided by UK-based company JTOL.


For more information contact Duanne Watkins from JTOL at