The Investigator congratulates regular speaker Tom Farrell on QPM award


The Investigator wants to congratulate PC Thomas Farrell for being awarded the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for his work investigating the online sexual abuse of children.


Tom, who works for the Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Force Intelligence Unit (JFIU), as well as being seconded to a role for the Home Office, is a regular expert speaker at our conferences and events. He works hard to promote best practice and support his colleagues from across the UK both in online CSAE and digital investigation techniques.


We are delighted to welcome him back to speak at our Investigation Online CSAE conference on March 10 and 11 and the National Digital Media Investigator’s Conference on May 19 and 20.



The circumstances around his QPM were particularly challenging due to the pandemic. He had to keep the honour secret from everyone, including his family, for more than three months.

The normal process would see recipients receiving a letter from the Home Office asking if they accepted the honour, insisting on complete confidentiality.

Unfortunately for Tom, this was during lockdown. Instead of the traditional letter, he was sent an email, and with no confirmation of when the award was to be announced he was left waiting until October 10 before he could finally reveal his award to friends and family.


Suffolk Constabulary Chief Constable Steve Jupp said: ‘Tom has made an immeasurable contribution to the safeguarding of children around the world. His development of technology to tackle the threat of online abuse has placed the UK at the forefront of the effort to target and arrest offenders intent on viewing indecent images of children and thereafter abusing children.’



Norfolk Constabulary Chief Constable Simon Bailey added: ‘Tom’s immense contribution, dedication and commitment to the safeguarding of children online over the last six years has been recognised by this highest of policing honours.

‘As Chief Constable of Norfolk and the National Lead for Child Protection I am incredibly proud of the work Tom has done. Tom’s resolve and ability to pursue criminals across the internet and to enable fellow law enforcement officers to now continue this work is second to none.’

We look forward to congratulating Tom on his award at the conference in March.

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