The College of Policing has launched a consultation exercise to help devise new guidelines around recognising and responding to vulnerability-related risk.

It wants to hear from investigators of all ranks, grades and roles within policing who come into contact with vulnerable people.

The guidelines are for anyone who may come into contact with vulnerable people or could do so in the future. This includes police officers, police staff, special constables and volunteers.


There is also a guideline for chief officers which sets out the organisational support needed for their officers and staff to be effective in their role.



Each guideline is based on evidence and learning from established good practice in forces, social research and a wide range of views from serving officers, staff and volunteers.

The College of Policing has developed its guidelines in collaboration with officers and staff, subject matter experts and academics.

It is appealing for feedback from people across policing, especially current officers and staff at all levels, and the wider community. it welcomes thoughts on the guidelines and your ideas for implementation.


To take part in the consultation, download and complete the questions and return the completed document to before 23 October 2020.

To find out more go to:

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