WiFi Wisdom

The Investigative potential of WiFi data and its use as an evidential source - will be the subject of an exclusive new workshop.

The Wi-Fi in Investigations workshop will be run by The Investigator and Stephen Grills of First

Forensics, an internationally recognised electronics engineer with a wealth of experience in telecoms.

Mr Grills, who is an official trainer for the College of Policing, will be providing expert advice to

investigators from around the UK around how they can identify data acquisition opportunities

from WiFi.

The event will be held on February 8 at the Rothley Court Hotel, Leicestershire.

Wi-Fi data is particularly useful to assist in proving both location of suspects and witnesses as well

as providing another layer of association and links between individuals.

It can enable investigators to establish a highly accurate timeline of events leading up to and in the

aftermath of a major crime being committed.


Wi-Fi data can often be more precise than cell-site data as it concentrates on a much smaller

targeted area that other data can be overlaid upon, Mr Grills will also show delegates how to glean

valuable Wi-Fi data from call billing records, its relevance and how to interpret it as evidence.

He will explain the significance of MAC addresses – which are unique identifiers for mobile

devices and the relevance and association this has with digital evidence.


The workshop will also highlight the potential dangers for investigators to contaminate the

‘digital scene’ by inadvertently connecting to Wi-Fi routers in networks with their own mobile devices.

This will help develop a risk management strategy when considering a digital scene, which has to be considered in most cases.

For full details on the day click HERE or email dale@the-investigator.co.uk for further details

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