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Essential Courtroom Skills for Investigators and Analysts, online training,

6 November 2024 and 29 January 2025


  • Two dates of our highly successful workshop that provides key learning for investigators and analysts around the issues associated with giving evidence in court.


  • It is aimed at investigators and analysts who want to build and develop key skills to enable them to become more confident and competent when required to give evidence.


  • The workshop will be led by Saqib Rauf, from Veritas Witness Training, an experienced barrister who was called to the Bar in 1996. Saqib specialised in criminal litigation and has conducted cases on behalf of the CPS, the Department for Work and Pensions and County Councils. He appeared in Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts, including the Old Bailey, and the Court of Appeal.


Saqib has been delivering courtroom skills and investigative practice courses for almost 20 years. He has delivered engaging skills-based courses for a wide range of delegates and organisations, including police forces, the Home Office, NCIS (as it then was), HMRC, Fire and Rescue Services, ICO, Insolvency Service, FACT, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, IOSH, CIPFA, City and County Councils, and numerous clients in the private sector.


  • Held online via Teams


  • Certificates of CPD are available for this event


The Investigator is hosting a one-day online CPD workshop that provides key learning and top tips on being an effective witness in court. Our day will provide investigators and analysts with practical guidance and strategies that they can deploy in the courtroom.


Giving evidence in court can often feel daunting and cause investigators and analysts to feel anxious and uncertain. Our event will address these issues and help delegates overcome any fears and build confidence.


The day will cover the following:

  • Advice on how to give clear, honest and objective testimony in the witness box.

  • An overview of the difference between fact and opinion.

  • A brief outline of trial procedure in the Crown Court and Magistrates’ Court.

  • Advice on presenting complex material to a jury.

  • Advice on how to prepare for cross-examination. How to pre-empt difficult questions and take a proactive approach.

  • What the aims of cross-examination are and how to positively and proactively undergo cross-examination by the defence.

  • A look at a full range of cross-examination techniques used by lawyers and the different types of questions that you could be asked, e.g. leading questions, open-ended questions, closed questions. Practical guidance on how to confidently handle those techniques and questions.


We’ll also consider other practical strategies which delegates might use to build confidence, which include visiting a court and attending trials to familiarise themselves with the process and procedures.


Our workshop will provide delegates with the opportunity to ask questions and take part in a discussion to share their experiences, as well as have any concerns or queries answered, to help inform future courtroom appearances.


NB: the day does not include role-play sessions, but we do advise delegates to attend this day first to build skills and then consider attending a future role-play session.



9.30am-9.40am: Welcome and introduction, Carol Jenkins, The Investigator


9.40am-10.40am: Session One: Factual evidence and opinion evidence.  The role of the witness in court.  How to give clear, honest, and impartial testimony


10.40am-10.50am: Questions


10.50am-11.10am: Break


11.10am-Noon: Session Two: Procedure at the trial. Aims of cross-examination


Noon-12.10pm: Questions


12.10pm-12.30pm: Break


12.30pm-1.10pm Session Three: How to prepare for giving evidence. Top tips and practical advice


1.10pm-1.20pm: Questions


1.20pm-1.30pm: Break


1.30pm-2.20pm: Session Four: Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to address them effectively


2.20pm-2.30pm: Final questions


2.30pm: workshop finishes


Cost: £199.75 + VAT (GBP) per delegate (LEA and Government Agency rate).  £249.75 + VAT (Industry rate). 

Group bookings: We offer various discounts for group bookings depending on numbers, please contact us for details.

Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address(es) and purchase order (made out to The Investigator) to or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information. 

Payment can be made by PayPal/debit/credit card (corporate card fees apply + 3%). ​The meeting link will be sent out 7 days before the event.

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