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5 Operation Sotaria: New approach to investigating and prosecuting rape and sexual offences rolled out to police forces in England and Wales 

8 Victim Voice: Vulnerable fraud victims are now going receive specialist advice and support following the roll out of special units across the UK by Action Fraud.

11 Spotlight on Smuggling: The market for migrant smuggling services is reaching alarming new heights and requires urgent action according to a new report by Europol.

14 Crypto Conviction: Investigators from the Tarian Regional Economic Crime Unit and their colleagues from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) used special civil powers to recover more than £750,000 of cryptocurrency.

17 NCA Strategic Assessment: The National Crime Agency has published its National Strategic Assessment for 2023 which highlights key threats and challenges in the investigation of serious and organised crime.

19 Operation Nasil: Interpol has undertaken a two-year global operation to bring to justice criminals operating networks of child sexual abuse websites designed to generate profits from advertising.

22 Covid Conmen: Covid Conmen: a pair of fraudsters have been jailed for cashing in on the covid pandemic by selling hundreds of illegal testing kits. 

25 Right Care, Right Person: The College of Policing has created an innovative toolkit to support forces when responding to mental health incidents to ensure they provide the vulnerable with care and support.

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5 In the Blood: World-renowned forensic toxicologist Simon Elliott used his expertise to help the Met convict serial killer Stephen Port of the murders of four young men after he plied them with fatal doses of the drug GHB. Here he talks to Carol Jenkins about the dangers of GHB and its use in crimes and accidental drug deaths. 

10 Interviewing Innovator: Gary Shaw, MBE was at the forefront of the revolution to professionalise the investigative interview during his impressive 45-year policing career.  

14 Interview Revolution: Renowned investigator-turned-professor helped transform police interview techniques and brought his expertise to the Nikki Allan murder case.

16 Fuelling Fraud: INTERPOL has released new research on the growing phenomenon of Human Trafficking Fraud. 

17 Love Bombing: New guidance urges prosecutors to identify manipulative behaviours including ‘love bombing’ that could be deployed by suspects after being charged with controlling offences. 

19 Immigration Initiative: The National Crime Agency is working together with social media companies to tackle the growing scourge of organised immigration crime.

21 Burglary Pledge: All forces will now attend every reported home burglary as part of a new pledge by the National Police Chief’s Council, The Investigator reports. 

23 Digital Dilemma: Research commissioned in the US by Open-Source intelligence experts Siren found that there is a serious shortage of analysts with the right technical abilities working in Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement.

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February 2023 Contents

5 The Cook Report: As the Head of the NCA’s Child Exploitation Online Protection Command (CEOP), Tony Cook has led some of the highest profile investigations into serious online offending. He talks to Carol Jenkins about his current role and reflects on his extraordinary 47-year policing career.

11 Exposing Exploitation: The UK’s first dedicated response to tackling the pervasive threat of organised exploitation is having a positive impact on identifying and investigating these crimes. Carol Jenkins talks to Det Chief Supt Kate Thacker, Director of the Tackling Organised Exploitation (TOEX) programme. 

14 Rewarding Role: When CrimeStoppers offered a £200,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the murder of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel in Liverpool, it was its biggest ever reward. Carol Jenkins talks to Director of Operations and former homicide SIO Mick Duthie about the valuable service it offers to help police solve and prevent crime. 

17 The RIPA Effect: Common mistakes around use of The Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) in covert activity could compromise investigation. Covert Investigations expert and Director of The Signature Brand Training and Consultancy Ltd, Adrian Ramdat provides advice on how to avoid problems and pitfalls and protect the integrity of an investigation. 

20 Witness Support: Witnesses in Australia are offered training to help prepare them for the rigors of giving evidence. Tom Nevin, a practicing solicitor and director at witness training company Loquitur discusses his innovative work. 

22 Little Voice: Children affected by domestic abuse will be automatically treated as victims regardless of whether they were present during violent incidents in new guidance by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The Investigator reports. 

23 Taking Charge: The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is carrying out research to help it identify, understand, and tackle disproportionality in its charging decisions. The Investigator reports. 
25 Forensic Excellence: A State-of-the-art forensic centre is to be built by Thames Valley Police in a bit to enhance its in-house scientific expertise. The Investigator reports. 

Advertising Features 
27 The Innovative Investigator: Retired Met Detective Superintendent Matt Bonner is using his 30 years’ policing experience to inform his work as Head of Investigation Technology at Black Rainbow. Here he speaks about his career highlights in policing and his current role in which he is helping launch a new product called NIMBUS investigator. 

30 Digital Challenge: Eliminating backlogs and fast-tracking investigations with Detego Global’s technology 

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