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House Arrest

Increasingly connected homes could provide a rich source of digital intelligence says experts from Roke. Carol Jenkins reports. READ

Age Concern

An expert in crimes against the elderly is calling for an improvement in the ways such crimes are investigated. READ

National Steer

UK Investigators met recently to discuss best practice around vehicle telematics data. Carol Jenkins reports. READ

DMI Revolution

One of the first Digital Media Investigators is at the forefront of developing national standards for the role. Carol Jenkins reports. READ

Software on Trial

Official trials begin next month of new investigation software that aims to provide SIOs with key digital data in the absence of analysts. READ

Wi-Fi Wisdom

Call for investigators to better exploit the evidential potential of Wi-Fi data - exclusive new workshop.


Regulator Report

The majority of forces and private companies have not met the required standard for digital forensics according to the Forensic Regular. READ

Discussing Disclosure

CPS head Alison Saunders calls for more joint working around disclosure. READ

Cyber Conviction

A criminal who encouraged hackers to test out malicious cyber tools that can beat anti-virus scanners has been brought to justice by the National Crime Agency. READ