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Managing Disclosure Under Criminal Procedure Investigations Act CPD workshop – 10 February 2022


  • Online via Teams

  • Certificates of CPD available for this event

  • Exclusive to The Investigator


The Investigator is hosting this one-day CPD workshop that provides all investigators with an exclusive opportunity to obtain an in-depth look at the legislation, code of practice and guidance that underpins the disclosure regime and how to apply it in a practical way in an investigation.

Complying legally and ethically with the disclosure regime is an essential but challenging requirement for investigators. An addition challenge is around the area of sensitive material which is particularly relevant in a covert investigation.

The day will be split into four sessions that will include the following:

Disclosure in context

This session will explain the whole issue of disclosure in context, looking at why we have the regime and where it should be applied and the consequences of not complying.

We’ll look at some of the cases that have failed for reasons of disclosure and why. There will also be an overview of the latest Code of Practice and most up to date version of the Attorney General’s Guidelines on Disclosure, looking at the latest guidance on dealing with digital devices.

The ‘Material’ Issues of Disclosure

This session will look at material and the associated issues, so it will examine what exactly is material, when is material relevant and now do we decide if it is likely to be relevant. We’ll also consider what material should be scheduled on which of the MG forms plus the requirements and issues regarding of the defence statement.

This session will also look at third party material. There will also be an overview of the Investigation Management Document (IMD), Disclosure Management Document (DMD) and how to identify ‘Specific Issues and Issues in Dispute’.

Sensitive Material

This session will look at the issues of sensitive material and highly sensitive unused material. It will examine applications and authorisations for surveillance and where these sit within the disclosure regime, plus whether CHIS activity should be revealed to the CPS and also how targeted interception fits in the disclosure process.

Public Interest Immunity

This session will look closely at the issue of Public Interest Immunity (PII). It will look at the different types of PII hearings and it will explain the R v H&C framework to be followed before an application should be made, looking at the practicalities of this framework and whether ‘neutral material’ can undermine a case. There will be an explanation of what should be included in the PII report and the practical issues for PII hearings.

The day will be hosted by The Investigator and led by our expert trainer and speaker Adrian Ramdat


About our expert speaker and trainer

Adrian Ramdat is a former investigator having spent over 26 years working operationally at a local, regional, national and international level. He was a career detective and spent the majority of his career working in the investigation of serious and organised crime whilst specialising as covert operative and manager.

Adrian was seconded to the National Policing Improvements Agency (now the College of Policing) where he held the portfolio for Covert Law Enforcement. In this role he designed and delivered the RIPA Authorising Officer’s course, the Advanced CHIS Management course and the CHIS Cultivation & Recruitment course. He sat on the ACPO National Source Working Group and the Cultivation & Recruitment and Training subgroups.

Adrian returned to operational policing where he was headed up a Covert Management Operations Unit (COMU), undertook major crime reviews and performed the role of the Operational Security Officer (OpSY).

Adrian was a previous Director of Covert Intelligence and Specialist Training before setting up his own business called Signature Brand Training & Consultancy Ltd offering training and consultancy in RIPA, IPA, covert skills, CHIS, whistle blowing and intelligence. He provides training and advice to police forces and law enforcement agencies across the UK and also around the world.

Adrian has degree in education, a post graduate certificate in education (PGCE) and is a qualified assessor.


Cost: £193.00 + VAT (GBP) per delegate (LEA and Government Agency only).

Booking: Please send the delegates name(s), email address(es) and purchase order (made out to The Investigator) to or telephone +44(0)844 660 8707 for further information. This is open to LEA, Government and public sector security contractors only.

Under no circumstances will a delegate be able to register using a free webmail address (ie: gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL etc) but you can use one to login into Teams once your work email has been verified.

Payment can be made by PayPal/debit/credit card (corporate card fees apply + 3%). 

The meeting link will be sent out 7 days before the event.