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Analysis Past, Present and Future: 30 years of analysis in Police Scotland, online event, 24 May 2024


  • Free to attend CPD day that commemorates 30 years of analysis in the Scottish forces that now make up Police Scotland and showcases best practice in the past, present and future.


  • The CPD day will also reflect on how analysis as a profession in the wider UK has developed and evolved in policing over the past 30 years and predict how it might continue to evolve in future.


  • Open to crime and intelligence analysts and investigators in the UK and internationally.


  • The day will be held online via Teams.


  • It will include a series of presentations from analysts and the policing community and some personal reflections from some of the trailblazing analysts who were part of the original cohort who first joined the police forces in Scotland 30 years ago.


Commemorating 30 years of analysis in Police Scotland and reflecting on how analysis as a profession has evolved and grown

The Investigator is delighted to collaborate with analysts at Police Scotland to host a free to attend event for crime and intelligence analysts that will commemorate 30 years of the analyst’s role in Police Scotland.

It will be led by Alexis Cran, Principal Analyst at Police Scotland who was one of original cohorts of analysts recruited in 1994 for the then Strathclyde Police.

Alexis will be joined by her colleagues Susan MacIver, Sandra Cross, Colette Fairley, Mhairi Matheson and Irene Paterson who were also among the original co-hort of analysts for Strathclyde, Northern Constabulary and Grampian Police.

They will take part in a short session in which they will share their experiences and reflect about those early days when the role of the analyst was still very much in its infancy in policing.

They were considered trailblazers of their time; the experience brought with it many opportunities to innovate as well as challenges and obstacles.

They will also share their memories, anecdotes, treasured photographs and many 90s haircuts!

They will talk about how analysis has evolved and developed over the past 30 years. The conference will end with a group of newer analysts discussing their thoughts for the next 30 years!

Book your free place

The event is being held online via Teams and is open to serving analysts and investigators only. In order to register, you must have an official police or government email address. Unfortunately, we can’t register personal email addresses including Hotmail, AOL and Gmail.

To book your free place at the event email:



9.30am-9.40am: Welcome and introduction, Carol Jenkins, The Investigator

9.40am-9.50am: Introduction from Head of Analysis, Police Scotland, Allison Airlie

9.50am-10.20am: Personal reflections, Alexis Cran, Principal Analysts (local policing), Specialist Crime Division, Police Scotland and her colleagues

10.20am-11.10am: How analysts have made an impact in major investigations over the past 30 years with a focus on their contribution to the investigation into serial killer Peter Tobin, David Swindle, former Detective Supt.

11.10am-11.20am: Break

11.20am-Noon: Case study: Operation Rigid, an investigation into drug seizures and serious and organised crime disruption, DSU Calderwood, A/Supt Stewart, Derek Middleton, Analyst Coordinator

Noon-12.40pm: Case study: Operation Zipheus: demonstrating the use of GIS in a counter terrorism inquiry, Alison McBride, Higher Analyst

12.40–1pm: Break

13.00 – 1.20pm: Joint Working: Tackling Vulnerability in County Lines, Kirsty Hamilton, Analyst


1.20pm-2pm: Intelligence and evidence for analysts: a consideration of how the two complement each other despite being separate phases of an investigation, Geoff Begg, Senior Analyst and Ross White, Intelligence Analyst, National Cross-Cutting and Emerging Threats, National Crime Agency

2pm-2.10pm: Break

2.10pm-2.50pm: Future challenges: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for analysts and its impact on digital investigations, Steve Adams, Skopenow

2.50pm-3.10pm: Summing up from Alexis Cran and colleagues, looking to the future.

3.10pm: Day finishes.

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